Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Help spread sex information

So, there is a little non profit with a big mission in Rhode Island that is having a few problems opening their doors.  It's called the Center for Sex Pleasure and Health.

The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health is the first sex-positive, non-profit sexual resource center to open in New England.  The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health provides a physical location for people to receive sexuality information and campaign for sexual justice issues.

And they are having zoning issues.

Because their location is apparently not zoned for "education".  Right?!  Who the hell knew that there was special zoning for that?

According to Oh Meagan, who is leading the charge on this project, education, not sales of adult toys is the focus of this enterprise.
...it wasn't my intention of ever selling [toys}, just having the toys on display for educational use.
And yet, perhaps because sex toys may be observed, the city council seems to think that they need to put up barriers to adults accessing information about their sexual health and pleasure.  Because, you know, our culture doesn't do enough of that.

We need your help.  I'm collecting letters for Megan to take to the City Council about the importance of adult sex education.  Have you attended a class that helped you?  Gone to a class that  helped you to maintain a long term relationship?  Gave you information or tools that enabled you to develop a more fulfilling relationship with your own body?  Taught you that your gender/sexuality/ identity was normal and didn't need to be a source of shame? Helped you heal from sexual trauma?  Or hell, just helped you have a better knowledge of human sexual anatomy?  Has any of this helped you to be a better member of your community?  Have you perhaps learned information that you then shared with others about safer sex and STI prevention? Then please take the time to write a letter.

I'm collecting the letters and will send them off to Megan and she will decide what to bring to the City Council.  Because these letters are going to a government body, they will receive more credence if you are able to include your name, address and phone number.  However, anonymous letters will be accepted as well.

please send them to jacq@sugartheshop.com

And please forward this link as widely as possible.  All of us who believe in sex positivity gotta stick together!  It's the only way we can create a world where each of us can celebrate their own sexuality with shameless joy.

BTW - if you happen to be in Rhode Island this upcoming weekend, check out their grand opening celebration - not at the actual center because of the zoning crap.  But it sounds fabulous!  I wish I could go!

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