Saturday, April 24, 2010

Best moment at the store ever.

On Thursday afternoon, three women walked into the store.

Two of them had been here before, one of them was new to Sugar I remembered the two who had been here before. Both smart, articulate, funny women. I was happy to see them. They were looking around, talking about the toys. One picked up "The Multi-Orgasmic Man", sat down on the couch and started flipping thru the book. Piper Sue did her best to make the new woman feel comfortable. Primarily by following her around, asking for attention and licking any exposed skin.

I was working on a purchase order at the Cunt Wrap (sometimes called a cash wrap or a front desk), when I hear the strains of "I Sing the Body Electric" coming from the couch. Woman #3 joins in. So does Woman #2. And then me.

Next thing I know, there are four of standing around the ass table belting out the FAME classic.

In harmony. Good harmony.

It was like an episode of Glee. But in a sex toy store. Musical theatre and sex education. We may be on to something.

When we were done, I put on the Fame soundtrack and we sang a little bit more.

Now that. Is a good day.

The Body Electric, in addition to being a poem by Walt Whitman and a song from FAME is a school, founded by Joseph Kramer, that teaches erotic massage and encourages deeper mind, body, spirit connections thru sexual energy and touch.
It's referenced in The Multi Orgasmic Man.


SilentSyren said...

This could be the next new marketing idea... :)

Constellation Books said...

Too awesome for words. Seriously!

The last time we had this sort of thing was a couple of years back - the author signing that day asked the christmas carollers if they knew Wimoweh/the Lion Sleeps Tonight. Next thing we know almost everyone in the shop was singing a-Wimoweh, etc, while the rest sang The Lion Sleeps lyrics. It doesn't happen often - hold it to your heart. :)

Lauretta from Constellation Books in Reisterstown