Saturday, October 2, 2010

sex bloggers and calendars oh my!

Friday morning we drove thru the pouring rain - let me be clear - this wasn't just pouring it was torrential. It was the dog refuses to go outside torrential. Can't see very far ahead torrential. In fact, I wouldn't have been surprised to see actual cats and dogs falling from the sky. Traumatized, but not surprised. But we made it to New York in good time. Ran some NY errands, grabbed an extremely yummy lunch (macaroni and cheese with spinach and roasted chicken? yeah, i'd like some more please), laid down for a few minutes and got ready for the party.

We hopped on the subway and went off to the party.

Each year since 2008 (or so) the NY Sex Blogger Calendar has been released. I'll let them tell you all about it:
The NYC Sex Bloggers Calendar seeks to bring the sex-positive community together in a fun and interactive way that results in the funding of sex-positive organizations. We believe that sexual freedom is a basic human right and we hope that our calendar succeeds in spreading that idea far and wide.The benefactor chosen for 2011 is Woodhull Freedom Foundation - Affirming Sexual Freedom as a Fundamental Human Right.
Each year to celebrate the new calendar they have a party featuring the calendar models, vendors and sponsors and anyone else who wants to go. AND, there are gift bags. With good stuff. Including, stuff from Sugar. This year it was Nasty Bands!

We showed up early to add Sugar's contribution to the gift bags. Which involved me crawling on the floor. In a tiny dress and high heels. And managing to not flash anyone. Because my mama raised me right. S (who's a smidge smaller than me) crawled to the banquette at the back and loaded those bags. It didn't take long til we were seated with a drink and looking around.

And the eye candy was good.

Women in latex, women in corsets. Men in suits. Men in leather. Gender queer folks in all kinds of deliciousness. So we started mingling. Which, by the way, I hate. Talking to strangers is one of my least favorite activities of all times. Customers - awesome - we have something specific to discuss. Friends of friend - good - again something in common. But, simply showing up at a sex bloggers calendar party seemed a little thin. But I took a deep breath, gripped S's hand and dove in. In short order, I found nice strangers and people I already knew. Yay for the folks I already knew!

Jamye Waxman
is one of m favorite people ever - we worked together at Babeland 10 years ago. She's good people. And she's fun.

Then I started to see folks that I sort of recognized. Because we follow each other on Twitter. So I see little teensy avatars of them all day long. It was fun to meet those folks in real life! Soon, S and I were having fun.

At one point I followed S outside so she could take a work call and spent several minutes being deeply amused.

Standing around in front of the bar were an assortment of folks dressed in manner that was likely to attract attention even in NYC. People walked by and did double takes. It takes a lot to get a New Yorker to do a double take. Then the majority of men did a triple take, stopped mid stride and turned to stare. Because Nina Hartley was standing outside doing an interview. The men would then strain a bit closer, as if checking that what they were seeing was real. I saw a few even rub their eyes. Then they would grab their phones and start texting. Immediately followed by pacing back and forth as they tried to figure out how to politely ask for a picture. I was impressed. Seeing a porn star on the street isn't something that happens every day. So, a double take is appropriate. But what I was really impressed with was the level of politeness I saw each and every one of these men exhibit. Respectful distance. Asking before taking a photograph. Someone raised these men right. I think it also speaks to how Nina has built her career. She has always been outspoken and articulate. Clear that for her this is a career of choice and of passion. She unfailingly treats her fans with respect and kindness and receives the same in return. And may I add, for anyone of you who thinks that aging means less sexiness. This woman stopping men in their tracks - she's over 50. And hot as hell.

After S was done with her work call, we went back in and she stood by graciously while I talked shop with the folks from Njoy, For Your Nymphomation and Sliquid. We saw tribal belly dancing from Luna, Carol Queen spoke, ran into Megan Andelloux - an awesome sex educator and then S and I decided to take each other to dinner.

If you're up for a not cheap but not utterly absurdly priced dinner may I strongly recommend Dressler in Brooklyn. Oh my god - little mouth orgasms with every bite! Then we grabbed a cab home and were in bed by 11. Perfect evening.

A huge thank you to Tied Up Events for putting together such an awesome party!

And - we'll have calendars for sale at the store shortly!

2011 Calendar models include:
Bad Bad Girl,
Brandon B,
Coy Pink,
Dangerous Lilly,
Essin’ Em,
Gloria Brame,
Jiz Lee,
Lillith Grey,
Matthew Lawrence,
Max Lagos,
Mollena Williams,
Nina Hartley,
Radical Vixen,
Sadie Smythe and
Sovereign Syre.

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