Monday, September 30, 2013

Sugar is hiring an Assistant Manager

Assistant Manager
Job Description

The Assistant Manager is responsible for exceling as a Sex Educator, supporting other Sex Educators in their positions and supporting the Manager in daily operations, purchasing and reporting. 
-->As a Sex Educator, the Assistant Manager is responsible for answering customers’ questions, using active listening skills to determine the customer’s concerns and needs, providing customers with the information they require to make the purchases that are best for them and/or providing customers with referrals to other community organizations, stores or healthcare providers if Sugar is not able to meet their needs.  In addition, SEs process sales in the POS system, stock the store and maintain information in the Inventory Control system, ensure that the store is clean and tidy at all times, fulfill customer orders for shipping and perform other duties as assigned.  These duties may include:  store decoration, workshop instruction and/or special events. The Assistant Manager works as part of the team to provide customers with the highest level of customer service and to ensure that the mission of Sugar is consistently at the forefront of all decisions in the store and visible in all aspects of the business

Daily functions include performing all duties of the Sex Educator position in addition to Assistant Manager functions.

Skills and Requirements:
-       A passion for Sugar’s mission
-       Experience in retail sales, customer service, reproductive health care or education
-       Expertise in retail store operations
-       Computer literacy
-       Excellent sales and customer service skills
-       Ability to think strategically and use systems based thinking
-       Able to work evenings and weekends
-       Able to lift up to 50 lbs
-       Comfort with and acceptance of diverse sexualities
-       Cultural competency with diverse communities
-       Knowledge and understanding of queer and gender issues
-       Commitment to a team environment
-       A mind that is open to new things and ways of solving problems

Preferred skills:
-       Previous supervisory experience
-       Previous experience with Point of Sale systems

-       Perform all Sex Educator responsibilities
-       Merchandising
o   Work with the Manager to develop in store visual promotions plan in concert with overall store marketing plan
o   Update and change displays in store at least monthly
o   Work with manager to continually refine and improve store appearance.
-       Staff
o   Assist manager with hiring, staff support and staff training
o   Oversee staff scheduling
o   Maintain an open flow of information and education in the store between manager and sex educators
o   Support Manager in fostering a supportive, systems based environment that enables the team to achieve store goals and objectives
-       Purchasing
o   Spot check inventory levels weekly by department (each department checked at least monthly)
o   Assist manager with purchasing and receiving
-       Education
o   Assist manager with staff training
o   Coordinate private workshops
o   Assist manager with scheduling and running public workshops
-       Maintain all retail floor reporting paper work and supply to Manager
-       Support Manager in maintaining profitability in all areas, including, sales, operations, and customer service
-       Research and suggest new products to manager
-       Act as Manager On Duty when manager is unavailable.
-       Other duties as assigned

30  hours a week (approximately 25 hours working the floor, 5 hours off the floor)
Includes all benefits and responsibilities of Sex Educator position

Sugar will provide the Assistant Manager with:
$14 an hour – eligible for a $1 increase after two successful months of employment
A commitment to a systems oriented work place.
A work place that is respectful and supportive.


Sugar is a lesbian owned, multi-gender operated, for profit, mission driven sex toy store.  By providing education and toys in a shame free, sex positive, fun environment we help people of all genders and orientations experience their own unique sexuality with shameless joy and passion. 


A world in which healthy sexuality is respected and celebrated in all of its diversity.


Sugar believes that sex between consenting adults is sacred, powerful and fun and should be celebrated and honored.  By providing quality education and toys in a sex positive, fun atmosphere, we will help foster healthy sexuality.  In order to provide our customers with impeccable customer service we strive to create a work environment that is healthy and supportive of each and every member of the Sugar team.  Sugar also works to exist in the environment in a way that is sustainable and responsible.


To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume to The cover letter must include both how your experience is related to this position and why you want to work at Sugar. 

Applications must be received by Noon on Monday, October 7th

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