Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Red n Black - or the lovely eye candy!

First of all Wendy and Tawni of S.H.E. Productions are amazing. Fabulous. Awe inspiring. They put together an event that worked seamlessly. And, I had to do absolutely nothing. Which, considering that I don't know how to produce an event, is a good thing!

Ken, from Cielo Productions, did the graphic design that helped get folks there. The performers were incredible.

S and I got there a bit before nine. We were supposed to get there at eight. We were late. No big surprise there. We needed to primp. S looked fabulous in her hat with a red and black ribbon. I was honored to walk in the door with her.

And then the parade began. People took the red and black thing seriously. Men in kilts with red and black boots. Trans women in red corsets. Gender queer folks in thigh high red fishnets and over the knee PVC boots and push up bras. Butches with black shirts and suspenders. Straight guys in red and black smoking jackets. One guy was wearing red latex pants. A woman was in a full length latex mermaid dress with red insets. Fucking fabulous! Tiara (who works at the store) even managed to find an adorable red tank top that showed off her lusciously pregnant belly.

The crowd was a mix of straight, gay, lesbian, gender queer, kinky, vanilla - there was some of everything.

Demetria MCd the evening with aplomb. The fiercly fine go-go dancers started off the evening. Then, Lena Grove, from Gilded Lily Burlesque performed a smoking hot number, followed by Justin Credible with Regina, then Maria Bella (also of the Gilded Lilies) shone on the stage and Paco Fish did an incredible Boy-lesque number (why is seeing a guy in pasties so much more fun and dirty than seeing him just shirtless)?

After an intermission in which DJ Arturo spun some great tunes, the show was back on with Demetria and a super fun drag number, followed by E-Cleff and his amazing dance moves and Bambi Galore - dancing to Sugar with sugar lip pasties (and yes I WANT SOME!).

I had a blast hanging out with my friends and making new ones. Thank you to everyone for coming. And thank you so much for supporting Sugar!

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