Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Husband fired because wife performs in porn

In Fort Myers Beach, FL, their City Manager, Scott Janke was just fired because his wife is a porn star known as Jazella Moore.


What the hell does it matter? He isn't a porn star. His wife is not accused of having done anything illegal.


The council determined Janke's credibility and ability to do his job would be undermined when news of his wife's profession came to light.

I gotta say - this is some bull shit. Performing in porn is a legitimate career choice. Sure, I understand that it could affect your future career choices. But, those of your husband?

Granted, would have been a good idea for this gentleman to reveal his wife's profession before or shortly after he was hired. But, reactions like this don't lead to people feeling very safe about being out.

Our culture likes to put porn performers, particularly the women, in a special "dirty" box. A woman who performs in porn couldn't possibly be smart - or emotionally stable - or well, virtuous in any manner - right? In fact, the porn star is just and only that. She can't actually be a real, decent, human being. Because what kind of "good" woman could choose to let multiple men fuck her on camera. And heaven forbid that she enjoy it. She has to be some kind of deeply scary freak. But men who perform in porn with women? Well, they're just studs.

In addition to a general fear of overtly sexual women, there is something else going on here. What kind of man would "allow" his wife to fuck on film? Especially if he "lets" her fuck men? Isn't that what these folks are really saying? That a man who would marry a porn star is by nature not capable of leading? And that a man who's ok with his wife continuing to perform in porn is not a man who others could look up to?

Because a good man wouldn't marry such a woman. And if he did, it would be to rescue her from the horrors of a porn career. A good man, a man that is a good leader wouldn't stand by and support his wife as she continued to pursue her passion of performing in porn. A woman that believes:
by approaching sexual pleasure resolved of guilt and fear and with need distilled to shared, creative adventure, the paradox of the Madonna/Whore was broken and with that the power of ecstatic joy could triumph.
I don't know anything about Mr. Janke's job performance. But it seems pretty clear that his record is clean. He has the appropriate experience. The appropriate certifications. There are no public accusations of malfeasance. Simply a wife with a job. A job that apparently offends the town council's "good morals". This is sexism. And a blatant disapproval of overt sexuality

And that. Offends me.

If you agree, take a minute and tell the town council what you think. Their email addresses are below:
Larry Kiker, Mayor

Herb Acken, Vice Mayor

Bob Raymond, Councilman

Tom Babcock, Councilman

Jo List, Councilwoman

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Anonymous said...

I ssw this article in the news the other day. It's SO ridiculous!!

Her profession shouldn't have any factor on his status at all. So ridiculous.

BTW: I went to your class tonight. SO AWESOME!!