Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's the oral sex!

Sunday it was oral sex class.

I spent the day poking around the house, reviewing notes. And finally, at around 4. I determined that it would be wise to shower and put on something other than my PJs before teaching class. So I did.

And did not take Piper Sue to class. You see, last Tuesday, we had harness class at the store. Every Tuesday morning, I wake up, feed and walk the dogs, have breakfast, check my email, drink at least one latte, put Piper in the car and go to work. Which is what I did last Tuesday. Only to remember part way thru my seven minute drive to work that I was teaching that night. And I don't usually take Piper to class. It'll be fine, I thought.

Yeah. I was wrong.

Piper is good at the store precisely because she is friendly. And outgoing. And persistent. So she managed to spend a large part of the class showing the participants her toys. Licking the participants. Asking them to put their feet on her stomach (I don't know. she's always had a thing for that). And occasionally, very occasionally, resting on the couch. This would all be fine, but I was trying to show the participants MY toys. And how to use a harness. Finally I had to put her in the back. Where she proceeded to whine. She's spoiled and used to getting her own way. Which is how I like her. But not last Tuesday.

So neither Piper or Bell went to the store.

But I did. Freshly washed and rested. Then I ended up almost late. Because when I was walking down the street, I ran into a friend in the middle of a small crisis. Class can always wait a little bit for tears and a cigarette. By the time I got back to the store we had a line. And a frazzled Owen.

Mark from next door helped me rearrange the store while Owen dispensed with the line. But the line kept reappearing. The phone kept ringing.

In the end, we had to turn away about 10 people.

The class went well. For me anyway. It's always hard to tell with the participants. I've used surveys at the end of the class for feedback, but eventually I stopped. I found that folks mainly shot sunshine up my ass. Maybe I should try it again.

We cover both fellatio and cunnilingus in class. But we ran a bit long, so I'm thinking about dividing it up in the future. Might also help with the turning folks away thing.

Regardless, I got a great tip from one of the class members. We were talking about blow jobs and covering your teeth, when one participant pointed out that older folks can just take their teeth out and not worry about it! Fucking brilliant!!! One more benefit to sex as an older adult!

By the end of the class I was hot and sweaty. Exhausted. And pleased to see my couch. But I had fun.

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