Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pride Day 2 - The Festival (or where every third lesbian has had a baby)

Sunday was a beautiful day at Baltimore Pride.

I got up at a reasonable time, hit up the farmers market for veggies and milk. I swear, the fresh milk is soooo good. And no nasty packaging to recycle or throw away - just re-usable bottles.

Then home to change and off to the park. I love Druid Hill Park. It's one of the loveliest parks in Baltimore. After parking, I wandered over to the DITC booth, checked in with Niki and Denise and started passing out cards for the store.

A lot of folks were asking where our booth was - I think we may need to bring it back next year. It was good to see people. The festival is always so much more relaxed than the block party. People are largely sober, there's more space. And trees! Trees make everything nicer.

I kept running into women that I hadn't seen for a while and it felt like everyone had a new baby! It was really lovely to see beautiful children accompanied by glowing mothers (even the tired moms looked really happy). It was really nice to see women making a decision to parent and making it happen - however they chose to do it.

Choosing to be a parent outside of a traditional opposite sex marriage is a radical decision. Raising a child in the context of a loving same sex home - or more likely a same sex home that is wracked with the same drama and tensions of any home - means raising a kid, that from the moment of it's birth, knows that love is about caring, not about gender.

So I passed out cards, kissed new babies, hugged old friends, sat on the grass and ate a funnel cake and then dashed off to take S to the airport. Sweaty and content.


Phyllis said...

Yes, bring back the stand. Looked all over for you!

And do you have any info on what happened to the Erotic Arts Festival?

Jacq Jones said...

the Baltimore Erotic Arts Festival will be happening the first weekend in October at the GSpot. check out www.beaf.com for more details!