Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Marriage update (or Brides and brides, grooms and grooms, trans folk and DC and NY

A couple in which one member is transgendered was recently married in NYC. And now the young couple is dealing with some major backlash. And tranny bashing. Check out the NY Post article. It's stunning how many times the author managed to call this young woman a man. Even though they clearly state that she identifies as female.

The city council in DC passed a bill that will allow the legal marriages of same sex folks that have been performed in other states to be recognized in DC.

And, although folks who believe that gay marriage shouldn't be recognized asked to bring it to a referendum, the Board of Elections and Ethics declined, stating:

The Referendum's proposers would, in contravention of the HRA, strip same-sex couples of the rights and responsibilities of marriage that they were afforded by virtue of entering into valid marriages elsewhere," the ruling states. "Because the Referendum would authorize discrimination prohibited by the HRA, it is not a proper subject for referendum, and may not be accepted by the Board."

Damn. I love it when someone does the right thing.

So, assuming nothing else happens, in early July same sex marriages that have been performed in:

California (during the short time same sex marriage was legal)

will also be recognized by DC.

Soon to follow will be marriages performed in:

Vermont, same-sex marriages will begin on September 1, 2009.
Maine, same-sex marriages will begin on or around September 14, 2009, pending a possible people's veto.
New Hampshire, same-sex marriages will begin on January 1, 2010.

New York also recognizes same sex marriages performed in other states.

The NY Times recently published an article about how businesses in Connecticut are loving same sex weddings. Seriously, I've been saying it for years, Keith Olberman has said it. Lots of other people have said it. Same sex weddings, and (gasp) same sex divorces will be an economic stimulus package. Literally, over a billion dollars into the economy.

This discrimination is bullshit. I do believe that we will win. Eventually. But it can't be soon enough.

Ending marriage discrimination isn't going to be the end of the fight for equality for GLBT individuals. But it's an important step. There are a bajillion other ways in which discrimination continues.

And, although having marriage rights is critically important, in this fight the discrimination against all couples that choose not to marry and against relationships that are structured with more than two people has become even more clear.

In the long run, we will create a world which celebrates all of us.

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