Friday, August 14, 2009

And the men take it off south o' the Mason Dixson

Nashville, Tennessee has some new treats.


The club is called Arrow Nashville. It looks like they are still looking for a few good men. But the grand opening is scheduled for Labor Day weekend

The club used to be a strip club that featured women dancers, but they did some renovations and:

Wakefield's renovation included replacing the brass dancing pole.

"We decided to man it up - stainless steel for a tougher look to it," said Wakefield.

Of course!  'cause brass isn't butch enough.

Some members of the City Council are pissed.  Because as Metro Councilman Michael Craddock said:

"I'm sick to my stomach - I'm just absolutely sick," said Craddock. "It's different for a man to show himself than a woman. It's another step in the wrong direction."
WHAT?!  Exactly how is it different Mr. Craddock?  Please tell me.  It sounds like you're saying that since stripping is most often women's work, it's demeaning for a man to do it.  Or perhaps that a dick is more valuable and precious than a cunt.  But, you can't actually mean that.  Because then you would be a sexist asshole.

Let City Councilman Carddock know what you think of his statements:
(615) 226-0521

Thanks to Kate Bornstein for pointing this one out!

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