Thursday, August 13, 2009

Strippers win their due.

I love stories like this.

Stippers are usually treated as independent contractors. But in most clubs, they have hours, they get fined if they are late, and all kinds of other things that technically make them employees. But by making the independent contractors, employers get to evade things like dealing with payroll tax, or needing to offer people things like, oh, health care, vacation, retirement plans, etc.

King Arthur's Lounge did not pay the strippers any salaries, required each to pony up a $35 fee to perform each night, and kept $10 of every $30 that each made for ''private dancing'' in video-monitored booths, according to a state judge who granted a stripper's motion for summary judgment on the issue of liability.

The club had argued that selling alcohol is its main business, not putting on strip shows, and that the performers were independent contractors who provided extra entertainment akin to televisions and pool tables at a sports bar.

But, in Boston, a group of women who work(ed) at the King Arthur's Club sued. And won.


Sex work is work. And sex workers deserve the same rights and benefits as any other workers.

Thanks to Spread Magazine for pointing this win out! And if you aren't familiar with Spread, you should check them out. They'll be one of the first magazine's we carry in the store - when we add magazine's that is : )


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