Wednesday, October 21, 2009

finally, a video game i can get behind

so, the brilliant people at have come up with a use for video games that i can really get behind.

it's geeky, it's techy and it's as kinky as you want to be!

it's called 3dkink

you design your own characters.  then you tie em up, fuck em, use fucking machines, turn them into vulcans, take them to a dungeon, drip wax on their tits, or play in the furry area.  yep furries.

the entry part of the web site is heavy on suggesting that folks create their own slave and fuck "her", but from what I can tell, the player has a lot of lee way to decide about genders and appearance of the avatars.  it doesn't appear that you can make any of the avatars fat.  odd.

the sound on the promo pieces is a little bit off, but it may be fine in the actual game.  besides, i'm sure you all are capable of making your own soundtrack.

seriously.  this looks like fun.  but it's not mac compatible so i can't actually find out.


quick, someone with a PC go try this and get back to me!  it may be the only good reason to have a PC. and it's only $30 a month.

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