Tuesday, October 6, 2009

March SUNDAY - and bring everyone you know

National Equality March - Sunday, DC at Noon

Be there.  Or don't bitch when:  you get fired from your job because of your gender presentation or your sexual orientation*, or some one tells you who you can marry, or who you can visit in the hospital, or who your kid's parents are, or whether you can be a parent at all. 

Each and every person in deserves equal rights.  And until we are all equal under the law.  None of us are equal.

Regardless of your sexual orientation or gender identity, this march is about you.

Need help getting to DC from Baltimore, Philly or NYC?  Check this out.

For people with mobility issues - the DC Metro system is pretty accessible (many stops have elevators).  And the route itself is very flat.  If you have special concerns or require other accommodations, please email the organizers at this link.  This about equal equality for all - not just the "non-disabled".

And, when you get to the end?  Cheer a little bit extra when the young man named Richard Aviles speaks about being a GLBT student.  He's from a little Lutheran college in Minnesota, called St. Olaf.  I've got a soft spot for the place, I graduated from there in 1993....)

*In Maryland people are protected from losing their jobs due to their sexual orientation, but it is legal to fire folks based on their gender presentation or identity.  There are 28 states in which it is perfectly legal to fire someone, deny housing or public accommodations based on their sexual orientation.  In 36 states, you may do the same based on gender or the appearance of gender.

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Richie said...

Um Yah Yah! yay another Ole! I'm so glad I got the opportunity to speak at the march