Thursday, October 15, 2009

things that make me go hmmmm

So, these women from France have developed a new sex toy.  And they sound like lovely women.

But I'm just not getting the toy. And I'd like to.  Internet, could you help a girl out?

Here's what they say:

Fed up with using sextoys which are absolutely not shaped for us (penis shape) we have created "One" which is a sextoy dedicated to lesbians.

Our world : More than a toy, we are creating a lesbian world in which you are going to find pictures of known - or not, but still hot - lesbian couples, and videos.
WET FOR HER is the lesbian company who has created the first and original lesbian sextoy.
Now more than ever the lesbian community is coming out. We have chosen a theme which gives us an opportunity to keep developing our world. Our sexuality is our common point.

I think that part of the trouble is that I'm of the lesbian/post-gender binary mindset where I'm not sure what a penis shape has to do with gender.  I know. I left my husband 'cause he's a man.  So, I'm not totally post-gender, but really? 

I know some folks don't want anything shaped like a penis inside them.  I've seen the corn cob/zucchini/dolphin shaped dildos of the 80s and 90s.  You know twenty years ago?  I'm a Michfest gyrl

For me, when a woman owns a dildo, even a penis-shaped-skin-tone-matching-dick, it's hers.  And therefore associated with her.  And her gender.  Whatever that may be.  Just like some women are born with penises, or some guys have cunts.  Your genitalia doesn't define your gender.  So penis=man therefore lesbians don't like penises doesn't make sense inside my head.

Regardless of gender stuff, there are advantages to penis shaped sex toys.  The head of a penis shaped object, with the little lip that happens between the head and the shaft can be lovely on the first inch to two inches of a vagina, catching and teasing right at the vaginal opening - good stuff.  

Ok. I'm clearly confused by the penis shape avoidance.  But I could let that go (see aforementioned regular attendance at lesbian separatist events).  

It's the next part that really confuses me.  
the first and original lesbian sextoy.
Really?  Huh.  I can think of more than a few sex toy developers who would be confused by that statement.  You know, like Vixen Creations, or the woman who designed the FeelDoe (now sold by Tantus) or Aslan Leather, or well, the list just goes on.  Going back at least 20 to 30 years.  These folks may not only target the lesbian market as their companies have grown, expanded and embraced a wider spectrum of sexuality, but they all started there.

And last.  The toy itself confuses me.  Silicone fingers.  Which for some non-specific, undoubtedly highly irrational reason freaks me out.

It would make sense (maybe) if the fingers were solid and designed to use for masturbation.  

Or perhaps could be harnessed as a dildo.  In fact that would be kind of hot.  But, they're hollow.  

So, we're supposed to wear them?  They don't seem to come in sizes.  Which could be a problem.  

Perhaps it's a way to promote safer sex?  Except, you'd still need to wear  a glove underneath the toy, otherwise the rest of your hand would be exposed to and able to spread vaginal fluids.

I'm stumped.

Anyone tried this?  Am I missing something?

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Sarah J said...

Bigger than two fingers yet fits over the fingers? Um.
I'm more worried about the inevitable lube-vaginal-fart accident.