Friday, March 27, 2009

IMsL Part 1

So, last Thursday morning i got on a plane and went to San Francisco to go to IMsL.

What the hell is IMsL?

It's a weekend long event for and about leather women (and those who love them). There are workshops, open dungeons, a dance, parties, performances, vending and the International Ms Leather and International Ms Bootblack competitions.

Wednesday, Owen and I sent off all the stuff. I finished packing. Wrote a novel for the women who would be walking the girls while S was at work. Took a nap. And then, missed my plane.

Apparently, you know how they say that you need to check in 45 minutes before departure? That's a hard limit. 40 minutes before departure doesn't count. They rerouted me on a different flights that would get me into San Francisco at 7. Which would have been fine, except that my call for the performance that evening was 7:30.

So, I paid my $15 to check my bag, went thru security, got a coffee and whipped out the iPhone, found a different set of flights, begged and got set up to show up in San Fran at 3:30. Plenty of time.

God bless the iPhone.

Then I flew to Phillie. Then to Denver. Where they have what must be the world's largest retail display of Crocs. I'm not kidding. It spread across three monstrous kiosks. Under a skylight. I think to make sure that the beauty of the croc's was set off in natural light. I was pretty sure that I had entered the seventh level of hell. Luckily, the lay over was short. And I was off to San Francisco.

Where of course my bag wasn't. They had managed to get me to San Fran on time, but my bag apparently didn't ever leave Phillie. Which was annoying, but since I've been separated from my bags in the past, my costume for the evening was in my carry on. I filed the report and went off to the hotel.

I've never been so happy to see a Holiday Inn in my life.

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