Friday, March 27, 2009

IMsL part 2

checked in, found my room, called and found out where my luggage was (phillie), checked to make sure that there was black gaffers tape around (perfect pasties in a pinch - say that three times fast) and toddled down the the dressing area for the show.

where i found Manny Nuff, formerly from DC. and Peggy Sue, still from DC. and Felice, from New York. more familiar faces. shyness was dissipating.

eyelashes on. gaffer tape on. glitter applied. set list reviewed. everything was good.

the show was called Seduction. and it included an amazing cross section of performers - including a group called Butch Tap. Which was exactly that. a bunch of butches tap dancing. god, that made me happy! search for em on youtube. Felice and Venae totally outdid themselves. the show ran on time, the audience had a blast. and we raised some cash for the NCSF. all of the tips went to the NCSF. including the tips from the lap dances.

yep, i lap danced. which frankly isn't easy. when i'm on stage i figure people can watch me or not. but lap dancing - you're sticking your face (and other things) in front of folks and making them pay you for it. thank god felice saw me flailing around and threw me up on top of a table. then a friend started paying for dances. shwooo.

after that i wandered up to the welcome reception. which was super fun. i met some really nice people. at about 2 am i determined that i should go to bed, since i'd been up for more than 24 hours...

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