Friday, March 27, 2009

the suitcase appears

Friday morning my suit case showed up. which was good because i think i was starting to smell. and not in a good way.

and i discovered the starbucks which was in stumbling distance from the front door of the hotel. the odd thing was that it was in a bank, like literally in the WaMu. so i was caffeinated, clean and wearing clean clothes. a good start on the day.

then, all of the product that i had shipped showed up. the table got set up and the vending area opened.

IMsL certainly isn't the biggest event I've worked. But it's definitely one of the warmest. before i was exposed to the BDSM community, i think i pictured a bunch of very serious, dark people huddled in a dank basement stretching someone on a rack. While rats ran over their boot clod feet.

well, i was right about the boots.

but, most of the other stuff. well, maybe it was just my fantasy. BDSM conventions tend to have some of the happiest people on the planet. you hear laughter (and screams) in the dungeon. there are a lot of folks wearing black leather. and others wearing colorful outfits. and some dressed like your mother. most folks do use the opportunity to wear outfits they may not get to wear in the "real world". and a lot of the time they are grinning. big, huge, broad happy smiles. and greeting each other with big hugs.

which makes me grin.

my booth was right next to
Vanilla Collars and Cuffs - super nice people with some really lovely sterling silver hand made jewelry. they even brought me boxes and tape to ship my stuff back on Sunday (my original boxes were destroyed in transit). next to them was Ms Martha's Corsets with lovely and affordable corsets (including plus sizes). a new corset may or may not have followed me home...

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