Friday, March 27, 2009

Sleepyness and college friends

By Sunday morning I was toast. Traveling across the country always results in me being exhausted. I'm in a fun place. I'm running around soaking up the atmosphere, meeting new people, talking about work, learning new things. And sleep inevitably gets the short end. So, by Sunday I was mainlining lattes.

In the afternoon, the vending area closed. I boxed my stuff up (in boxes thoughtfully provided by the Vanilla Cuffs and Collars folks), dragged it up to my room, poked my head around the dungeon and watched a few scenes and then communed with my bed.

At around 5:30, I got directions from some nice folks and headed off to meet some folks for dinner. I went to St. Olaf College and while I was there, a wonderful man headed up OLGA (the St. Olaf Lesbian, Bisexual and Gay Alliance). His name is Jeffrey. And now he lives in San Francisco with his husband James. Dinner was lovely. We caught up. I tasted Retsina for the first time. And chose to drink something else with dinner. I can see the appeal of the piney fresh taste. And I think it might be good while sitting on a terrace in the sun in Mykonos snacking on something delicious. But, well, i just wasn't ready.

On my way to dinner I walked past the ESBIAN GAY BISEXUAL TRANSGENDER Center. I was wondering where Esbians were for at least two minutes when I realized that, indeed, Esbians were not some ethnic group with which I was unfamiliar. But, instead, the L was missing. I felt really smart.

After catching the bus back to the hotel, I stopped by the after party, said hi to a few folks and headed back to bed. Bed was good. Very, very good.

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